Working group chairs

1052647_10151427714085916_1492460904_oArpana Agrawal, PhD. is an Associate Professor of Psychiatry at Washington University School of Medicine. Her research focuses on the epidemiology and genetic architecture of cannabis, tobacco and alcohol use and misuse. She receives support from NIDA and NIAAA.

Joel Gelernterimgres, MD, is Professor of Psychiatry, Genetics and of Neurobiology at Yale School of Medicine. Joel conducts genomics research on alcohol, tobacco and illicit substances in multiple international populations. He is a member of the NIDA Genetics Consortium

edenberg_hjHoward Edenberg, PhD, is Professor of Biochemistry, Molecular Biology & of Medical and Molecular Genetics at Indiana University School of Medicine. Howard is a COGA PI and conducts human genetics, functional genomics and bioinformatics research on alcohol and other substances.