Scientific Plan

The goals of the PGC-SUD group include:

(a) Conduct GWAS of cannabis, drug, tobacco and alcohol-related phenotypes, including diagnostic indices, quantity/frequency and novel measures (e.g. injection drug use, biomarkers). We also study uncommon/rare variation and CNVs.

(b) Phenotype harmonization is a core activity of the group. When possible, we attempt to use PhenX compatible measures.

(c)  Cross-disorder analyses are a major interest. We are interested in disentangling drug-specific variation from SNPs that impact the well-validated general liability to SUDs and polysubstance misuse. Our cross-disorder work also extends to quantifying the degree of genetic overlap between SUD and other psychopathology.

(d) Neuroimaging studies have begun to produce exciting leads about genetic variation underlying brain structure and function. PGC-SUD aims to integrate emerging neurogenetic findings with their efforts.

(e) Sharing & dissemination is a core activity. We follow the PGC model of rapid posting of full summary statistics files, within a week of publication (see Download Results). A user-friendly web interface for viewing results is under construction. Data shared with the PGC are available, with PI permission, to active PGC members. External members may contact the group chairs with their interests as well.